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  • Commodity and Fast Moving Consumer Goods: we specialise in supplying African wholesale and retail partners of all sizes.
  • Strong expertise in building the financial structure of trade via privileged relationship to Banks operating in Africa as well as Banks in exporting nations.
  • More than 35 years of experience in end to end trading, participating in the entire value chain from sourcing, shipping and logistics management; placing significant emphasis on quality of the produce Fintec has invested into a modern trading platform gaining efficiency along the different stages of the trade.
  • Offices in the Americas, South East Asia and Europe enabling global supply directly from producers as well as direct quality control at loading FINTEC has delivered well over 5 million tons to African markets.


We deal in 40 essential food commodities for Africa. Over the past years FINTEC Africa has supplied more than 1bi USD worth of rice, sugar, beans, corn and wheat flower, frozen chicken, maize and milk animal food products to the African markets. Food Security is an essential item for government.
Customers are predominantly wholesale and retailers as well as governmental clients.
The success of Fintec is based on 5 pillars:


Our success is the consequence of the emphasis on food safety and efficient logistics. Offices in many supplying countries as well as direct contact to inspector offices is key to providing the right product with the relevant specification.


For most clients we get involved with the financial structuring from the very start. Longstanding Bank relationships in the main African markets facilitate the negotiation and establishment of credit lines for its customers.


The in-house developed FDS platform is our deal oriented management tool. It enables us to continuously monitor the supply chain via the link to main shipping partners. Customers can via the platform have continuous access to track their goods, documents and financial situation.


A global network of producers enable us to establish direct supply lines in Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Mexico, South Africa, France, Portugal, Italy and the US.  

and also

Network of International suppliers:

By developing our network of internationals suppliers we manage to gain flexibility to adapt to market conditions in case of major shifts in global dynamics.