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This is complete and integrated solution offered by the Fintec Group to their business partners, with the objective of easing the process of “Business Execution” and “Transactional Control” in the area of Commodities. The products offered have as origin only strong and reliable companies with solid track records in production, export, shipping and port logistics.

How does it work ?

The system is a tool that integrates Fintec Trading with Exporters and Importers and or Distributors on the same transactional platform. We offer a list of commodites, theirs specs and general trading terms, and build up from these basics the transaction with the Importers requirements. In so doing we avoid loosing time on essentials, and to further the procurement decision we offer Market News for most commodities offered.
Yes, we build up the transaction from scratch,and integrate here the Grower/Exporter, Shipper, Insurer, Bankers, Importer and Freight Forwarding companies involved in the transaction; here we try to resolve all issues.
With the system business partners are always informed and updated simultaneously, and thus enabled to solving normal problems incurred during negotiation without ever leaving the system. It offers a complete tracking systems of goods, documents and money. And yes it can run simultaneously for a given importer more than 100 transactions at a time.
To understand the real function of the portal follow our System Tour then enter the site with login: guest and password: guest. If you want full access just fill in our Join Free page or send us an email to .

Privacy Statement

No information referring to members or completed negotiations or transaction under execution will be disclosed.

FDS TRADE System Tour

  • Commodity Search System.
  • A secure and privative internal messaging system.
  • My Account section – where all your transactions and interests are kept automaticaly;
  • All-in-one report module – everything about a single offer in one place;
  • Private section – where you can contact the Fintec staff about any subject.
  • Current Commodity news on most traded items

In the following pages you will be guided to a tour inside the System so you can preview the simplicity and power of our tools to make your transactions flow

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